Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Story After The Dinner

Photo Credit: {CarLee}
Inspired by Lola vs. Awkward Dinners 101 by Lola Lakely

A couple of months ago, my client visited our company. I fixed up a dinner with him. That Mister, a Captain from S.K. who had sailed all over the world in the past 20 years, topped our company's "the-most-difficult-to-deal-with" list because he knew things way too well and he was really a hard bargainer. Negotiation was my job, and it was what that dinner for. I do not remember what else he talked about over the meal, except for his happy family, his wife, his daughter and son-in-law, both wonderful, cool, pilots for a world famous airlines, his son who was going to university soon and so on and so forth... Very impressive family and a very impressive guy content and proud of what he had got from life.

After dinner, he asked me to show him around a little bit. So I took him to the nearest scenic spot which was also the most famous and the most crowded place in the city where I live. We walked around the place for about 20 minutes, discussing the weather, the local people, and again business.

And then I said good night to him, and finally went home.

Some time later that day, he called, making sure I was safe. I thanked him. But the funny part began when...
1. he started asking me about my shoe size, and my dimensions;
2. he said that he would buy nice things for me in S.K. and give them to me next time when he came over (because he knew he would probably come over for work on regular basis);
3. he even promised that he did not have "other woman" in China!(W-T-F!?!?!?)

Holy Jesus... I did not know what to say...

But I still promised him.

That I would send him everything that he asked in an e-mail later that day.

I never did.

He called up a few times for business after that.

And he never came over again.

Now, should I laugh or what?!


P.s. Now I do think my experience sucks, but this story sucks more.


Al said...

hahaa how strange!!!

Fran said...

Al! : )

It was!!

Thanks for the comment!

O.F.C.J. said...

Wow. Sometimes it's like every meeting is like an opportunity to be hit on. Isn't it? Lol.


Fran said...

O.F.J.J : )

Well that one was veeeeeery extraordinary I guess...

I am still totally S-P-E-E-C-H-L-E-S-S...

Deva84 said...

for us women some kind of business meeting can be very uncomfortable at the end. I had similar situation.

well Im still thinking 'bout the shoes! hahaha!

Fran said...

Deva : )

Yeah sometimes it was sort of embarrassing...

Ahhhh your shoes!!! : ))))))

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