Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm the new lady!

Hello everybody,

My name is Valérie and I am now officially a member for What the ladies say. Thanks Fran for the warm welcome! With this first post, I’d like to introduce myself and tell you a little bit more on the subjects that interest me.

First of all, I have to warn you : I’m French so I apologize for the eventual English mistakes I’ll do. My culture is important to me but I’m very open minded and love to learn about other countries, discovering new stuff, meet new people … But what I do like more than anything is learning about life and finding my purpose in this world. I have a BA in psychology which I think explain my huge interest in understanding myself, relations of all kind between individuals and self development (and TV shows and fashion but it does not really have anything to do with psychology!).

I created my own blog, En quête d’inspiration, a few months ago so that I can share with my readers some life lessons. The blog will still be active but I will put some of my articles here and feature also new people on What the Ladies say. I’m truly glad of the opportunity that has been given to me.

I believe there’s a lot of amazing 20somethings here on the Internet. They have great messages to deliver and I’ll try to help them to deliver it. I love discussions so if something I say don’t resonate with you, if you do not agree or if you just want to share your thoughts, just react to the articles. I want to hear your voices! Your opinion matters to me.

All the best,



Deva84 said...

nice speech girl!

btw. I like almost everything which is French!

much love. deva.

Deva84 said...

p.s. I have even posted about it!

a +

Fran said...

Bienvenue Val!!

I took a 4-month French course the year before but after that I did not keep learning by myself for my d*** laziness. It is a shame.

But I would love to know more about your culture! And France is a must-go-place for my Tour in Europe!

All the best,

Ana from far away! said...

congrats Valerie! I´ll be following your posts here also! This is a great concept!

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