Thursday, July 2, 2009

Life Is Like...

"Do you ever think about life as a metaphor for television?"

"The best way to waste your life, ... is by taking notes. The easiest way to avoid living is to just watch. Look for the details. Report. Don't participate."

There is a blog survey in many blogs I read recently. People list out things that they can/ can't do; will/ won't do; and should/ shouldn't do. Five items for each of those things, and they can be listed in any order and connected by "and" or "but". It is an interesting way for us to know ourselves. Here is my list.

Talking about life, today in our "Featuring You" series, I would like to feature Ana from far away, :o) and her post about "Life". Here it is. Enjoy reading, and tell us what you think.
By Ana from far away

This morning I was analyzing my ceiling fan, watching it spin and spin, and thinking about life. Maybe I got dizzy and my mind started spinning to… so I decided to compare life with everyday random stuff, this is what I came up with. Might sound stupid, but anyways… What would you compare life with?

I would say life´s like______ because______:

- A beach/ with shinny days and storm days
- A sunset/ beautiful, something to contemplate
- Vitamin/ makes you stronger over time
- Diary/ your own pages to write your story
- Flower/ it grows, becomes something beautiful and then dies
- Credit Card/ provides, and then it charges back
- Manicure/ it takes tons of care but is great to have
- Christmas/ has a lot of gifts
- A picture/ is a frozen moment in time that lasts forever
- Broadway/ colorful, happy, and exiting
- Chocolate/ dark and sweet, soft and hard
- An old friend/ always haves good memories to share with someone
- A sale/ a lot of one day only opportunities
- Italy/ it has some AMAZING places
- A kiss/ it comes with a lot of good feelings (most of them)
- Exercise/ makes you stronger and prettier
- A test/ is a hard evaluation to pass
- Bikini season/ lots of sacrifices to make
- Diet/ only with effort you can truly achieve
- Addiction/ is hard to let it go
- A catfight/ you might not always win
- Wearing a dress in a windy place/ you get exposed when you least expect it
- Bad relationship/ could be shallow and a waste of time
- A bug/ is ugly and scary, sometimes comes with a disease also
- A bitch/ is ready to stab your back
- Allergy/ sometimes you can’t breathe properly
- A hangover/ is hard to get out of bed
- A casino/ the house always wins
- High heels/ they make the obstacles seem harder that what they are, even though they look amazing
- A video game/ you play with the elements
- Crashing a car/ is confusing, painful, and expensive
- An airport/ things come and go
- An ear infection/ you lose balance
- Being blind/ you have no idea what is waiting right next to you
- Wine/ is tasteful
- Snow/ is slippery
- A mirror/ it reflects who you are
- Time/ it never stops
- Birthday/ is a celebration
- Car/ it takes you somewhere
- Life/ life… a miracle

Here are my random comparisons (listed before I read Ana's article):

Life is like a rainbow, you have all sorts of colours there, the dark ones, and the bright ones. A rainbow is beautiful because it does not contain but one colour, it has them all.

Life is like a journey, there are ups, and downs, so you go fast, and you slow down. Go fast and enjoy your ride with the wind, and slow down to enjoy the beautiful scenes along the way. Wherever you go, go with your heart, and stop when you need a rest.

And life is like...

Enjoy the chocolates!!! (I like the picture so much so I use it in our group blog, too!)

Best of luck and love for your life!


Ana from far away! said...

Thanks for featuring my post!!! I think that this is the first time someone does that! I appreciate it a lot!

Fran said...

Hi Ana! :o)

"I think that if you make the people around you feel appreciated and special, you are not just going to give them a moment of joy, the communication will be easy going."

Quoting yours.

Have a great day!

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