Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Namaste! My friends!
This is one of the most difficult tasks that I find. Talking about myself...Reason: I am so complicated that its not funny..
Ok, here I go..
I am 25 year old girl from Mumbai, India. I moved to the Capital, New Delhi 2 years ago. I come from a Muslim family. Luckily, my father is a very liberal man and he always gave me the freedom to become what I want to. I always wanted to be associated with Communications..I dreamt of being a TV Personality for as long as I can remember. I think my drive to be here was so intense that God, just let every step in my life lead me to where I am today..Though I am not one of those famous Journalists on TV..I know I am getting there.
I love Flavoured teas..they are a complete weakness. I love the hills more than the beaches..When I am at the hills, that is where I want to be. But at the same time I cant have too much of what I like. I miss the city rush too.
I enjoy all sorts of music. Though I am not a big fan of Hard Rock..I listen to music from all over the globe. I dont think its always important to know what the lyrics of the song means..sometimes just the melody and the voice can move you..
I like watching Korean and french films too..The last Korean film that I watched on Youtube was " Moment to Remember" It was brilliant..
I am not an avid reader. But I do end up reading books during Potty breaks.! Dont freak out! I am sure you read in the loo too?

I am a very confused soul. It is very difficult for me to make a list of things I like and I dont. I like different things at different times.. Very fickle and indecisive.
I am curious and enjoy listening to gossip. But the day I have discussed something very nasty about someone, I feel very down and low. I cant sleep that night. I am really going to avoid taking interest in listening to work-place gossips.
Like all you lovely women, I am also a big fan of Carrie Bradshaw. and every time I am writing a blog, I have the carrie bradshaw voice reciting things to me in my head. I am such a Drama Queen!...
I am in love with a Hindu Man.. And being a Muslim, falling in love with a guy from another faith is certainly a blasphemous thing that I have done..But I dont care..I love my god but I am not going to let anyone else preach me my religion. Not even my parents.. I am going to learn about it on my own.
I can really surprise myself. I have been through the most trying times in my life and there are still yet to come.. I have managed to brave through all of it like a Pro..I dont know did I do that..
I wish I was more in love with myself.. I feel I dont take care of myself enough. I do keep hurting here and there..I am sensitive yet strong..I am happy yet sad..
I have this unique quality of smiling through pain.. There are days when I am so low because of some frantic call that I get from home about my parents impending separation and yet I go to work and have a blast!. Now thats quiet a skill I must say...

There is so much to write.. and I think I am going to update this later...Have to rush to work...



Pg said...

Hey!Namste,I am 25 and from India like you though I have never in my life lived in a metro!

I always believe that when you want something too badly you often end up getting it provided you work for it wholeheartedly.

I know someone(in fact I idolize her) who is a Muslim and married a Hindu.It was never easy for both of them but true love persisted.They are very happy and successful today.I think if you love someone and that person loves you back there is nothing like it.

And I salute for your spirit to be happy in spite of everything.That is the most important thing and difficult thing for me.I wish I could be like you.

Sabz said...

Hey PG,

Thank you for taking time out to read about myself on this blog. I appreciate yout kind words regarding my spirit to find happiness in things I do..I gave myself no option but to look towards happiness..


Deva84 said...

Most of these things I knew b4 but still is good to read about you.... yeah but I had NO idea you are a drama queen! ulala! I just can't imagine THAT!

ok... I'll be the last to tell my story! ahh...

bisous to my girl!

Lola Lakely said...

You seem like such a brave girl to me! Plus, I like to think of it as keeping your options open instead of being indecisive. Great post. I always like learning a little bit more about the bloggers I follow.

Sabz said...

@ Deva: Offcourse you know me well by now. After all its been a couple of months since we have become Blogger pals. I am glad to have got the opportunity to know u as well. Though, I am still interested in reading your introduction..

@ Lola Lakely: A big Thank You for reading my introduction..Thank you for your kind words. Yes I am brave in a very strange way. Like I said above, I can really surprise myself at times..

Thanks for stopping by Lola



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