Monday, August 10, 2009

The Ladies from this blog! a little bit about Ana

Deva, Lisa, Fran, Sabz, Valerie... we all write for this awesome blog, and I think each one of us perhaps should post about where you live and things you like about your live. I tried to contact you by email, but only Deva and Lisa have it on their blogs. We all live in different parts of the globe and I think this could be something fun to do and would allow us to know more about each other. Also anyone who wants to comment feel free to let us know something about you! In my case I love to read about other people´s live and experiences or just fun facts.

I will start right now, by telling you something about me =). Hope you like the idea and participate...

I live in San Jose, Costa Rica... a extremely tiny country down Central America. According to some survey or study made by a British Firm (if I am not mistaken)... I live in the "happiest Country of the world" (not so sure about that). What do I like about here?... my bed, the mountains, family gatherings, my job, and how diverse it is becoming. But some day (not so far) I would love to work abroad in Europe or NY. My problem here is that there aren't that much options when it comes to dating. My ideal type of man, can't be found near this latitudes =(. In the mean time I find my ideal man, I like to think about decorating ideas for my room, how can I overcome my insecurities, and how am I going to become successful.

Right now I am working on a strategy to be more noticeable and attract success to my life (in the professional world). I love my job, but sometimes I get underestimated, so I have to do something. After reading “The Art of War” when I was in college, I became more of a strategy person instead of acting based on my feelings. But I do let the creativity go crazy, but in a calm way.

I love scrapbooking, making necklaces with beads, sushi, high heels, making outfits, applying sunscreen every day, meeting interesting people, blogging, reading blogs, yoga, meditation, and enjoying the small things about life (like a ladybug, a nice color, a smile). I don’t know if you ever saw this show “Ally McBeal”… of you did, you´ll understand how I picture my life. I always like to imagine things before that happen, but in a hilarious way.

I am so pissed that I won´t be able to go to the Depeche Mode concert because… I have no one to go with!!! And since this is Costa Rica, the next time they´ll come here will be… ever again. If it were a U2 concert I swear I would go alone, I love them.

Lately I´ve been collecting stuffed animals, I know… weird for an almost 24th year old, but it seems to be my new hobby. My biggest material treasures are: my Ipod, my Build-a-bear, my Tous purse, and my design books. And if you ever were sad, I wouldn´t be the best person to listen to your problems, but I would be the best one to make you laugh and have a good time. I don’t know why (Haven´t been able to find a scientific explanation) sometimes I am so funny, I even make myself laugh until my stomach hurts… sounds crazy I know!

I also have a blog and blogger crush, there´s this guy that is an awesome writer, and if he really is the one in that pic, he is so freaking hot!!! This is so platonic… but I like him more for how he writes that for what he looks like.
I once had my belly button pierced; it was when I became “rebel”. I love it, but at some point I got bored of it and just let it close again. It didn’t close properly, so now I have a hole in in belly button. When I analyze… I don’t know how I had the guts to go and pierce my belly!!! I am SO SCARED of needles.

Well ladies, here was a little (I know I wrote a lot… too much maybe) bit about me. Hope you write something about yourself too!


Sabz said...

Hey Ana,
I loved your idea about self introduction on this blog. I enjoyed reading yours too. I agree, its important to know a little extra about each of us contributing on this blog. I will write about myself in detail soon..



Lisa said...


So happy that you did this post. I think it is a perfect idea! I will be sure to post a little but about me too. :)

I really want to visit Costa sounds so exotic and beautiful there. We have tons in common-- scrapbooking, enjoying the small things in life, loving our many things. I agree that you must see U2 in concert if they come to Costa Rica-- I saw them twice and they are AMAZING!

Thanks for sharing some fun details about you and the things you love. :)

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