Wednesday, August 12, 2009

About Fran on the move

Hello everyone!

How have you guys been doing? Thank God I am doing really well. :o) Back to our group blog, I cannot agree more with the idea of posting a bit more about ourselves here. Thank you Ana for the great idea!! Here goes something about Fran myself...

Fran, that is me, was born in east coast China, in a small town in Tsingtao/ Qingdao. I have been moving all the way since I was 6. Moving seems to be a tradition passed down from my grandparents, and like it or not, it has become something that follows me along the way. At the age of 6, I moved to a somewhat inland city for school, a city where I stayed for 12 years. After that, I moved back to city in mountain area for university. Two years later, I had to move again, to somewhere in east coast and near Tsingtao/ Qingdao, as the campus was moving! After graduation, I moved to Qingdao, where I worked and stayed for 4 years. And now, I have just moved to Hamilton, ON, Canada to start a new life as a student again... And guess what, the School I am in is moving next year! So, Burlington is my next destination.

Sorry if I get you bored but these are really my footsteps.

Actually I was surprised by myself that I got quickly settled into the new place. I found a nice housing at a low price and I recovered from the jet lag. I am actually proud of myself as I made it all within 3 days after I landed here- I cannot make it any quicker. I have been really lucky so far and really am grateful because people are nice here and so willing to help. I am still looking around and getting to know the place better and I am enjoying it.

I used to be an ambitious student, a pathetic office lady who had to work all the time while seeing somebody else got the credit. My work was all about dealing with people- all kinds of people- and negotiating. When I quit, the boss said to me, "You have been doing THIS job for 4 years, there won't be anything that you cannot handle in your life." Exaggerated, but true in some way.

As for hobbies and stuff, I would say basically I am a dull person. I do not sing, I do not dance, I do not party, and sometimes I do not smile much (perhaps because I laugh most of the time)... I like taking photos of nature but I do not like being in them. I rarely work out but I like walking. Normally I do not ware high heels because I was once killed by them. I have a really bad memory so I cannot remember all the names of movies and songs, I cannot memories those brand names in the fashion scenario.

My list can go on and on. See how many things I cannot do, or do it well... But relax guys, I know the introduction about myself (especially last passage) is kind of weird, but basically I get along pretty well with almost everyone.

And I do think I can make myself and other people feel good by being positive, like...

starting this blog- I think it is the best thing that I have ever done!!

Even though I do remember names of movies, I like cool stuff which touches my heart. As for music, I like Chinese Classical, Linkin Park, Starsailor, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lene Marlin, Weird Al, and Alanis Morrissette of course.

I am a Gemini.

Just to finish this off, here are some pictures that I took in Mac university, where I study in...

Take great care guys!

Much love,

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Sabz said...

Wow! really enjoyed reading about you.. With the constant moving around that you experienced in your life, no wonder you settled so confortaably in Canada.. I wish you all the happiness and strength to live your dream


Ana from far away! said...

how funny... I´ve always wanted to move but I´ve never been able too. 95% of my life, I have been living in the same house, same neighborhood, I have the same room, etc. I want to move to some other Country to experiment different cultures.

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