Monday, November 23, 2009

This is the story of yin and yang getting their wires crossed

Our dear Chinese friends are famous for their without parallel « zen » side and I’m not going to contradict that. After almost 2 months spend in their company (40% of Chinese students in my class), I can only confirm this stereotype.

Among all their wonderful theories of wisdom, my favourite one is probably the one dealing with the concepts of Yin and Yang. The yin symbolises darkness and coldness. The yang is its contrary. It means light and energy.

November: At the moment, we’re entering a cold period (well at least for the UK). I have to say it’s by far the season I loathe the most: my eyes start to cry at the merest sign of wind, my nose gets red (seriously, like as red as the Christmas father’s blazer!) and I feel down and I just want to lay in my bed til the end of this obscure period. Anyway, definitely not flattering and pleasing.

Well that’s no big surprise when you know that according to the Chinese medicine, the winter fits to the yin. However, the good news is that it hasn’t have to be the same on the inside. I mean, aren’t yin and yang supposed to balance each other?

Then, how to find again that right balance we’re talking about? The answer is simple: Add more yang to your life: warm colours, light and activities are the secrets. Incorporate this to your lifestyle, your food, your clothes, your relationships …Etc anything you can have an influence on.

Most of the people, in the winter (including me) tend to wear darker clothes, eat tasteless stuff and stay at home. Well maybe because their self is invaded by the yin. This is time to rock it out and get mixed up!


Fran said...

I agree with the Yin and Yan theory. They are like two sides of the same coin, coexistent, and complementary.

Brighten yourself in the winter Valerie! Warm colours, brown/red tea...

Take care!

Ana from far away! said...

I love winter! Strangely summer makes me sad (weird, I know), the heat makes me anxious and I don´t even want to move. I guess we all have our season. But yeah, no matter what mix it up!

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