Monday, May 16, 2011

Mission Accomplished!


How is everybody? I disappeared for a few days cramming for my SAP TERP10 exam. I passed the exam this morning. Mission accomplished! 

For those who may want to know more about the SAP software, the certification, and how the certification can help you launch your career as a consultant, below are a few links that I found helpful: 

What is SAP TERP10 about?
How to prepare for the exam?
How to start your career as an SAP consultant? 

And a video showing you how exciting it could be when you pass the exam. Well in my class, I saw some big moves, and we were pretty loud too! 

The course I took was a 10-day lecture course, pretty intense and time consuming I would say. Ah and you will definitely get shocked by the thousand-page course binder.

Have a great week everyone!


Beatriz M. said...

thank you so much fr your lovely comment!
I'm glad you passed your exam, I'm currently making them!


Federica F. said...

Nice blog :)

If you want visit and follow:

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