Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Communication From The Heart

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Life is all about communication. Communication can be a thing that we think we are so good at because we have been doing it from the day when we were born; but it can also be a thing which sucks so much because sometimes we are totally lost and do not know what to "say" when we are perfectly able to "speak"... I personally think by being a good communicator, you almost win half the battle of your life.

I read something by a life coach about effective communication and that article is very relevant to me. A successful communication is not done by lip-services; it is a work of heart. There are some key points that I would like to share with you:

1. Connect with people on a heart-to-heart level
Be sincere. You have to take off that mask, open your mouth, and let people hear your voice. Once you tell a lie, your will either have to take a whole lot more time to cover it up, mainly by telling more lies (which obviously makes you a so-called LIAR), or forget that stupid lie, and finally unintentionally leak out the truth (which basically makes no difference from the former one). So, why bother being so pretentious?!

2. Reach out to the people that resonate with you
To me it is about choosing the person to communicate with. It is like choosing friends, or choosing a boyfriend or a girlfriend. I always believe that there should be some "real" one there for you, but there are a thousand more "fake" ones, too. Be careful.

3. Connect with people for the pure joy of connecting, not for a particular outcome
I want to say THANK YOU to our group blog and to all the people who contributed (although they are not necessarily "contributors" of this blog). I have learned a lot by starting such a platform for people my age to share their opinions and experiences. What is the word? Yes, INSPIRING. This blog was created only a couple of days ago but I have learned a lot more than blogging by myself and for myself over the past six months.

4. Use a method of communication that you are comfortable with, when reaching out for the first time
Obviously, "things you are (most) comfortable with" almost equals "things you do well (best)".

5. Tap into your feeeeeeeeeeelings!
Well... That is what I am doing!!!

Best of love,


Ana from far away! said...

I think that if you make the people around you feel appreciated and special, you are not just going to give them a moment of joy, the communication will be easy going.

Fran said...

Ana, :0)

I agree. That is why I started "Featuring You Programme"! Probably you are the next to feature!


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