Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Make Me Happy

Lately I've browsed Internet cos I've looked for something which has connection to happiness.
I had a small talk today with myself and in the end I said to myself that I should be really happy with everything that I have.

Accidentally I had gotten to TIME page and I found a great article about happiness. It's called 20 ways to get and stay happy. I will write down each of them and get you my point of you.

1. Count Your Blessing
Not every day, maybe once a week or even rare. Get yourself a time for counting. Be aware of what you have and be grateful for it! Even if it's just one friend or family. Lots of people don't have that.

2. Hear The Music
The music heal the pain we know that. So listen to it very often!

3. Snog. Canoodle. Get It On.
Hug!!!! Kiss and ....

4. Nurture Your Spirituality
I have one thing to say. Believe. Believe in yourself, in God, in others. Just believe, doesn't matter in who. Faith can make miracles for you.

5. Move Your Body!
Move it! Workout! Jog, dance, walk, do yoga or pilates. Just move!

6. Laugh Big!
Don't worry if someone sees you, you have right to laugh. Laugh out loud till you cry! Feel free and happy doing it. You will be surprise how good you can feel afterwards.

7. Do Something Nice For Somebody Else
Say something nice, cook for someone, take for a walk or just be with no words. People can be unbelievably grateful for just one small nice word. Don't hesitate to make somebody smile.

8. Make More Money Than Your Peers
What I can say. Money won't make you happier person but making money more than others yes. It's a kind of competition, if you are making more money you win. I think it's more about your social status and your own place in the society though.

9. Seek Positive Emotions As A Path To Success
I don't think it needs a comment. Be happy with everything you do.

10. Identify With Your Heritage
Be proud of who you are. Know your culture. Know yourself.

11. Use A Happy Memory As A Guide
Recall all your good moments, your passions, interests and talents. Let them guide you.

12. Play The Part Of An Optimist
You can learn to be optimist. You just need to want to. Walk straight with your head high, walk fast and be confident doing that. People will see the power and energy you have inside.

13. Try New Things!
Of course. Learn. Travel. Eat new food. Don't limit yourself! Just live!

14. Tell Your Story To Someone
Tell it. Tell good and bad moments. It will make you more aware of what you've achieved and what you've already done in your life.

15. Balance Work And Home
Don't be a slave. Don't become one. Doesn't matter if you are a single, married. Make sure you have time for yourself. Balance yourself.

16. Keep Expectation Realistic
Nothing is worse than an exaggerated plans and expectations that you can't achieve. Think realistic. Will keep you far away from disappointments.

17. Make Time
Make sure you have time for people, things which are important for you. Maybe you need to burn some bridges, end some relationships for making your time - quality time.

18. Visualize Happiness
Remember all good moments from past and see your future fulfilled with happiness. You can see yourself wherever your want - it's just the matter of your imagination. Then follow your dreams, follow your happiness.

19. Smile
Smile everywhere to everyone. Smile at people and they will smile you back!

20. Marry Happy
Nothing worse than a horrible husband/wife who can't make us happy. Make a good choice!

Love you! Deva!


Fran said...

There is no such thing in your life as an unimportant day! You may not enjoy every single moment... But try!


Valerie said...

What a great list! I like no. 20- I don't think enough people do that.

Ana from far away! said...

I enjoyed reading this a lot! I love positive things and all these advices on how to be happy are so helpful and at the same time so easy! Definitely smile is the easier!

Deva84 said...

yeah we do those things everyday or at least we try to. I agree with Ana and Valerie smiling is the easiest and the best one! We should smile way much more often!

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