Saturday, June 13, 2009

A New Page!

Time for a brand new look! The idea of a group blog has been on my mind for around 2 months and finally...! Here it is!

I have been scrolling down a number of blogs written by thousands of wonderful ladies from all over the world, each of the blog depicts me a vivid image, a unique personality, a way of life which is totally different from mine, and a perspective which is original, creative, and just amazing. My blog reading experience surprised me by showing how different we are but more importantly, how much we share at the same time and it inspired me so.

I eventually came up with the idea of a ladies' group blog, where ladies from all over the world write, communicate, learn, and share. It is going to be a new page, a new start, a new way, for me, and hopefully for you as well, to get to know the world, the life better, and to find who we are.

Ladies, say what you say!

Letters, images, and videos... all welcome!!

If anyone from anywhere wants to participate in this group blog, please introduce yourself : )

Best of love,

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