Saturday, June 20, 2009

Something Different

The Runner
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I have been blogging about the ladies' say for all the time since this blog was created. Today I want to post something different- Ryan Runs Europe, a blog of a GUY. It is today's Blog Of Note. Well "Ryan Runs Europe" is a quite self-explanatory name. It is a blog about Ryan's run from Amsterdam to Athens in this summer. Honestly I always "admire" someone who have a plan and cling to it till the day of completion, and I try to do it myself and make my dreams come true in the same way. Life is like a marathon, and sometimes you have to run all on your own. Of course there are feasts for the eye on the journey but you will also have the "extremely hard times" to go through. Your family and friends are with you but you are the one, and probably the only one, to actually feel the hardships and set your hands and finally solve the problems. You are the only "insider".

We have to learn to enjoy being with ourselves and the time alone to get THERE. And, the beauty in life always helps to ease your tension and defuse the pain.


P.s. I add a link of Ryan's webpage to this post. Click the title of this post and you will see : )

Best of luck,


SassyGirl said...

WOW that is ambitious!

Lola Lakely said...

I like that you dedicated this post to someone else's blog. How nice of you! I wish I actually had the ambition to run more than 4 miles. And like across countries. Sadly, I do not.

Fran said...

@ Sassy Girl : )

Yeah it really is! And that is why I wrote that post!

Fran said...

@ Lola : )

When I was a student, the 800-metre-non-stop-running was totally a nightmare for me...

Oh btw, I like "Lola vs.Awkward Dinners 101", and I am going to write something about my experience!

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