Friday, June 19, 2009

When You Think Nothing Can Be Done

Helen, my workaholic friend (a forced workaholic), complained to me the other day that she would be killed by her God d*** job one day. She has been working like crazy for quite a while and she needs a break, she needs to run away from her current life, she must do something else for a change, she is dying for an escape, and she wants her hiatus so bad... BUT, here comes her problem, she is caught in a trap, she thinks that she cannot stop doing her job and she cannot do anything to make that change happen.

Why? Her responsibilities, her sense of obligation!

"I am the person in charge of the sales department and I should be the one to clean up all the mess, not someone else!!"

Wow... That is WAY TOO MUCH, for Helen, and for me, too. I guess THAT is something bothering her for so long and made her "stay up all night" more but smile less.

Lady, you need to change all those stuff! And the first and the most important thing to do is to CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK.

Your company will still be there running as it always does; your colleagues will not die if you leave for a while, or perhaps some of them would be happy to say goodbye with a big smile; things will not be that "out of control" without you. Comparing with a job, a company, and somebody else, your own self perhaps is the easiest to handle and manage. Chances for you to become the savior of the world (if it does need one of course) are like "once in a zillion" so PLEASE, stop pushing yourself to a hard place like that, lay back and relax, and do not be that pessimistic- you still can be the savior of yourself if you agree to think and act on the right track. Saying how much your work needs you is exactly the same as presenting excuses to persuade yourself to stay and keep doing the job. Remember that you live, not for a job, not for your employer, but for you, you, and you.

Starting a job is like getting involved in a battle which will never end. And stop when you need to. If you are not there, somebody else will do the job and things cannot be THAT bad actually. And, come on, give the other people a chance to show that they can do the job as well as you do. If you get paranoid and keeps thinking that you are going to lose the job this way, then shut up, stop complaining, take whatever you get, and just do the job!

A hard job sucks. Your workplace sucks. All the rumours, the gossips, the arguments going on there every moment suck. But, your keeping thinking them all sucks the most. It is going to suck you into a black hole and you will have not chance to get out and back to your normal life.

Jobs never die. People die. Because they work too hard and thus kill themselves.

Stop when you need to.

Best of love,

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