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An "Ugly" Lesson :o)

Hey Ladies!

We have been quoting and discussing Sex And The City for a while- those very gorgeous single women who have everything just so GORGEOUS! Life is so unfair... But I guess many of us are not so "gorgeous" as they are, but still have great life adventures to be excited about, brilliant traits to be proud of, and unique stories of success to make us shine. That is what I am saying- for today's "Featuring You", I would like to feature Valérie from France, with her article about an "ugly but beautiful" lady. Valérie is a student of Psychology from the University University Lumière Lyon 2, and she is going to the University of Birmingham in the U.K. next year! (That is really cool! APPLAUSE!!!)

And her article is "5 Things You Can Learn From The Ugly Betty TV Show"! Enjoy reading!

Best of love!
By Valérie

1/ You don’t need to come from a top 10 university to succeed in life. What matters the most is your passion and ability to provide a good work and to grab opportunities. Betty may come from the Bronx but in Mode she’s definitely one of the hardest and most respected worker!

2/ To be loyal et faithful to your boss and the company you’re working for is great, but if you refuse all the other opportunities you have because you feel too good in your routine or too scared to see what’s next, it’s bad. Step out of your comfort zone and try to reach your dreams rather than staying where you are. Betty took the opportunity to work at the magazine Sophia created in the first season. She also chose later to go back to school and professionalize herself. She found love along the road. That’s all good, right? And even if it’s not, it’s actually okay: it's still a good experience.

3/ Being honest may put you in uncomfortable situations sometimes but in the end people will only see how respectable you are. So, it’s like a bad thing (it can creates a few drama) but for a good thing in the end (everybody will see how great you are!). Daniel, Marc & Amanda always want to lie to everybody but Betty taught them that saying the truth is the best thing to do. Everybody hates fake people!

4/ Don’t let anything stop you in your career or even your life in general: what people told you does not matter, where you come from does not matter neither! At the beginning of the show, Betty’s sister, Hilda, as well as her father, keep on telling Betty to quit her job, that she doesn’t belong to this world. She didn’t listen to them and it obviously worked.

5/ Be who you truly are and don’t try to fit in the standard criteria of beauty or what’s trendy. What will make you stand up is your originality and creativity. When you try to be somebody you’re not, you usually fill ill at ease. So, what’s the point doing that? You’ll go way further if you are just you :) What I like in Betty is that even after 2 seasons, she is still the same. She changed a little her appearance, you can see her with fashion items but it’s still customized in her own way. It’s colourful, it’s bold, it’s Betty!

Any other lesson you learn while watching the show?


Deva84 said...

I'm not a big fan of Betty, well I'm not into tv serials anyway, but everything what you wrote here is so true, so real and very up-to-date. It should be kind of life rules to follow.

Great post!

Love. Deva!

Fran said...

Deva : )

Yeah the TV shows just keep reminding us of some truth of life.

Thank you!!


Sabz said...

i agree with every word in this post... just about every word...

Thanks Fran for posting this link here..

PS: I relaise i have not been very active on blogger for a very long time now.. will make up for it..



Fran said...

Hey Sabz!

Thank You!

P.s. It is okay : )

Take care,

Valérie said...

Hello everybody ! I'm glad you like my post :) What are the TV shows you guys like to watch ? because I'm very interested in the impact that TV show can have on our vision of life.


Fran said...

Hello Valérie!

Thanks for the comment! How does my favourite TV show affect my life? That is a good question! I will think about it for a while and post something here later : )

Have a great day!

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