Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Happy Beginning! :o)

Before we start...

Hey ladies!

Besides writing, I have been reading along many awesome blogs by ladies from all over the world, and I finally decided to count "Featuring You" into our group blog programme. I am going to feature some great, well-written, to-the-point posts written by ladies every day. (Or perhaps by guys... Let's see.) Their websites and names will all be listed on the left sidebar of this blog, under the name of "Our Featuring You Programme"!

Today the writer in our "Featuring You" Programme is Lisa from San Francisco. She is currently living in London, and her featured article for today is "Where Is My Happy Ending? [or beginning]"

Here it is. Enjoy reading!

Best of luck and love for your life!

By Lisa

I see it every day. The young couple strolling through St. James’ Park, pausing between strides in order to share a brief kiss or embrace. That glowing woman on the Underground- her husband clutching onto her waist so firmly, yet gentle, so she won’t fall over or wobble on the fast and jolty tube ride. The foreign couple navigating through the streets of London, map in hand, not speaking a word of English but somehow managing to safely find their way together throughout the city. The man buying fresh roses or freesias from the flower stand around the corner, or the one standing in line at the grocery store calling his girlfriend to ask what sort of wine she wants. The laughs, the smiles. I see love around me everyday, and it is so beautiful.

I have never been one of ‘those’ girls who needs a guy in their life. I have known girls who literally cannot function without a member of the opposite sex glued to their hip, shuffling through relationships as if men are some sort of card deck. I have witnessed female friends very close to me immerse themselves so much in their boyfriends that, tragically, at that very moment when their relationship becomes broken, that same girl becomes lost and almost childlike, completely devoid of any personal understanding of who or what she is. Without that guy on her arm, she knows nothing. It’s sad.

I have learned to enjoy my own company, particularly now that I am living alone in a brand new city. I have never allowed another individual to define me as a person. No guy can alter me to fit the specific mold he wants to create for his girlfriend. I am me, and I have found out (and I am still finding out) who I am, irrespective of any rich or handsome boyfriend. Following this rational thinking trend, I have always tried to do what seems smart, logical, or “morally correct.” Truth is, this way of behaving hasn’t really got me very far. Sure I feel content with who I am and aware of what I want in my relationship, but at the end of the day, I am alone, and yes, I’ll put it out there– I am lonely. Yeah I know, love requires you to take risks... I think it is time for me to become more of a risk taker? I am a good girl, and I have grown up thinking that surely my principled ways will pay off at some point, right? There must be some man out there who is willing to see the beauty in what I have become– the beauty of who I am, where I have been, and where I am going.

I just feel like I am ready to let someone special and long term into my life finally. I am creating the best possible version of myself, for myself and my future, but now I am ready to share that side of me with someone else. Someone to stroll the busy streets of London with, hand-in-hand and exploring the famous sites and creating life-long memories. Someone to cuddle up next to while watching C.S.I reruns. Someone to enjoy a picnic with in Hyde Park, or a visit to the museum or galleries. Someone to travel with and explore unseen sights and foreign destinations. Someone to wake me up with a warm latte first thing in the morning because they know I am much too lazy at 7:30am to fetch one myself from around the corner. Someone to find humor in my lack of direction and ability to get lost in every new city I visit. Someone to tell me that my makeup isn’t necessary, and that my green eyes shine the most when they are free from the usual mascara and eyeliner. Someone to care for, and to care for me in return. Someone to love. Someone to be there. Someone. But not just anyone.


Wearing Mascara said...

This is such a great post. Lisa is amazingly talented blogger! Thanks for featuring her!

Fran said...

@ Wearing Mascara : )

We are reading along Lisa's blog and will probably feature more of her articles here!

Thank You!!


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