Monday, June 15, 2009

What Is For Lunch?

My recent writings happen to fall into the same category- Relationships.

Last Saturday I was at a wedding party, or a wedding lunch to be exact. A mate from university got married in May in another city and the lunch (a feast) was for announcing that "I Am Married And Farewell To My Single Life And I Cannot Hang Out With You Guys That Often From Now On (which actually means Not Any More)"...

Ouch! That really hurt. Getting married is a good thing. Imagine how bad we want a happy marriage- I know some of us DON'T and that is GREAT!!- it is like a dream since our childhood... A happy wedding/ ending may be a sad way of saying goodbye (and no you cannot do anything about it).

Single life and a relationship/ marriage make a perfect "either or" question. You may disagree because you, or someone you know can handle both perfectly well. Wow that is cool! But I would say there is no exception according to my observation. A family is a "sweet burden" (Chinese-English translation), so is a relationship.

Most of the girls I know became someone else since they "fell in love" or "dived into a relationship". They became someone with a total opposite character from their "former, single" self. L, an ex-close friend from university, was once wild and independent and rocky, but became soooooo tamed and dependent and greedy for the caring and protection from her boyfriend, since she met him. And we do not talk much now when we meet. I do not know what to say, or where to start, I do not even know how to break the ice. We live in different "spaces". I guess she feels the same way and when we met, we were like strangers. Remember Carrie Bradshaw and her friends going to a "Mommy and Baby Party" or something like that? I felt the same way. I think I really need a "thousand-mile-bridge" to get across to talk to L. And I want to yell, "Where are you, L?!"

Have you ever watched 13 Going On 30? Remember the wishing dust? The lust for a relationship, or a marriage is just like the wishing dust in that movie. It seems to take you to wherever right as you want, but when you are there, you find that you do not know the place, the people, not even yourself...

And one thing that I have noticed at the wedding table that day- I was with all my classmates from university- is, that besides Candie (if you still remember Candie the Chocolate Consumer in my previous post) and Holy Me Myself, everybody else is getting married, BY THE END OF THIS YEAR!!! Hear that? It is an ultimatum, a deadline, a must, and if you do not nail it by then, you will either die, or die, or die. So you make your choice!!!!

Pressed, or scared by such a non-existent but powerful ultimatum, he, brought his her to the feast, and she, brought her him, too. They had a "Yeah we are ready!!! Noooo we are NOT..."(He and she were all my classmates). Interesting matches! I could not help smiling at the table... Last time when we met, it was exactly three months ago, at another wedding party (Holy Crap- sorry- now you guys do not have a proper excuse to hang out except for "I have got a wedding party to attend if you do have to get an excuse..." QUESTION MARK)... And at that wedding party, he, and she (as aforementioned) were still single, and they were worrying a lot about being single (while, as they said, "everyone else is getting married soon"- it seemed so... They obviously and intentionally ignored me and Chocolate Candie and that is an unforgivable sin...) Then, three months later, everybody else is getting married WITHIN SIX MONTHS!!! That is soooooo surprising I must say. You guys have signed a contract or an agreement or something? There should be no need to hurry I suppose? Why you keep setting yourself deadlines for things with which deadlines will not help a d*** thing?!

Back to the feast, meat, seafood, spicy meat, spicy seafood, well-cooked, looked tasty, and cost much. I would love to taste all of them but I held my chopsticks. Reason number 1: They were unfortunately all on the "banned list" that my doctor gave me so I tried a little bit uncooked cucumbers with garlic. Reason number 2: Sitting there observing people was waaaaay much fun than eating like a pig (that is what I normally do, and pigs eat more than horses).

I was with my Nikon that day, but I did not shoot a thing.

Finishing up the lunch, I was still starving.

Two hours later, me and Chocolate Candie walked out of a restaurant, happy and content. We each had a huge bowl of noodles, easy to cook and to eat, simple, yummy, and go perfect with our stomachs.

Good luck to all you guys, married or not!

Best of love,

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