Friday, July 31, 2009

Hey sexy !

Isn’t summer the best part of the year ? It’s sunny and warm all the time. You feel a different kind of energy than the one in winter. I couldn’t help but noticed there seems to be more and more beautiful women everywhere. Were they hiding during winter and spring ? or does summer has an impact on the way we look ?

I was hanging around with some male friends and they were talking about women being sexy and what they felt was appealing. Their answers were: she’s tanned, she has a great smile, she’s wearing a skirt/dress … We were in my town but they all felt like we were on vacation near the beach! It’s like women seemed to be relaxed, happy and having fun. Have you noticed that none of their answers are making reference to stuff like big boobs or slenderness? It sounds more like a state of mind ( and obviously a way of dressing up for my friends). It’s kind of close to my definition of a sexy woman.

First of all, I need to make clear I like the Cameron Diaz kind of sexy (definitely not Pamera Anderson’s style). I like a cute tan (and I’m not talking about the orange one due to numerous UV rays), a white big smile, cute eyes sparkling but more important, a sexy woman trusts in herself and is happy with her physical appearance and personality. She’s smiling and just enjoying her life. To me, smile and confidence make all the difference. What about you ? How would you define a sexy woman?

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