Sunday, August 2, 2009


Happy Friendships Day to one and all.
Like always the first Sunday in August is celebrated as Friendships Day in India. I am not sure if the same culture exists abroad on the same day. But nonetheless its Friendships Day here in India . Since morning I have been flooded with text messages on my phone wishing me the same. Some are genuinely typed sms's and some are just random forwards. I haven't returned a single greeting as of now. because I do not want to casually say things that I don't feel from the heart. Friendships are a touchy subject for me. When I look back, Bad friendships are what made me what I am today. And I mean it. Bad company does not always mean that your company involves all sorts of illicit acts, drugs, alcohol, stealing, sex etc etc..Bad Company in my case certainly signifies people with loose morals and wicked minds.

I studied in a Catholic Convent Girls School. I hated School . The girls and the so-called friends made life hell for me. And my tryst with bad friends was not limited to just school. I had bad friends everywhere. In my residential complex, tuition's, just about everywhere. For a very long time I used to think that something was terribly wrong with me that I attracted such negativity in my life.

Just a day ago, this girl from my class in School called me. Her name is Komal. Komal is a daughter of a rich real-estate builder and has always had the best of everything. Back in school, financial conditions at home were really hand to mouth for me. I remember always feeling low by her side. She used to behave in phases. Sometimes sweet to me and sometimes nasty. The worst thing she ever did to me after which I broke all contacts with her post school was, when she planned to take 4 of us from class for a fun-filled picnic day. And made me waiting the whole day while the rest of the 3girls (including her) went off to the picnic. She always did this. always made a mockery out of me. I hated her. A small part of me sill hates her..I was surprised when she called the other day after ages to tell me that she came across this birthday card I had gifted her back then, and felt nostalgic. though, I was cordial with her ..I could not forget but think how she misbehaved with me always. Some rich girls like to be nasty..

Anyways! I trust men more than girls when it comes to friendships. I have some fabulous support system in a few men who are my best friends. After my bad tryst with girls back in school and everywhere, I am always wary of friendships with women. But then it is a very individual opinion. I am sure you have different things to say.

On this friendships Day! I would like to thank all the bad people or rather bad friends for being who they are..Because it is only them who have made me realise that I am far better human being and they also made me realise that I deserve better in life...

PS: I have found a friend in each and everyone of you who contributes on this blog. And yes, though I have some pre-conceived notions about female bonding, I am still trying to think otherwise... Love you all.. Thank you friends



Valérie said...

I can't believe you guys have a friendship day! It sounds great. We don't have that in France :)

And I understand what you mean about male friends. I think they are much clearer about what they want and what they truly feel when it comes to friendship. Female are more subtle and it's not always a better thing. I don't feel like I can trust a lot of my girlfriends.

Lion-ess said...

Happy friendship day!
It's not celebrated her in the Uk, I think!

We still always wish we have girl friends we can trust!

Valérie said...

yep Lion-ess! That's it :) I always wish to have amazing and trustful girl friends like in Sex & The City !

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