Monday, July 6, 2009

It's fun to be a woman!

“It's fun to be a woman. It's fun to flirt and wear makeup and have boobs.” Eva Mendes

Girls how well we know this feeling, huh? We've got those days that deep inside we feel that we can conquer whole world. We are so confident, so aware of our worth, it's just indescribable. So... we walk down the street and everyone looks at, we talk and everyone listens to, we act that everyone stares at and undeniably we feel abso-fucking-lutely happy!

The energy that you take from the air spreads immediately. Everyone who's in the same state is very welcome in your world. Then the impression is doubled! I can use just one word FABULOUS!

You just don't care what someone can think about you, you are just yourself. No limits. Feel free to speak up your mind, feel free to do everything you want, /of course we don't hurt anyone or we don't rob a bank! Don't take the power for that!/ walk upon the ground and just smile. With that kind of energy you attract people with the same attitude you have, I mean only positive and life-loving people you will have in your own entourage. How amazing it sounds, huh... I know!

I just work on a plan how to make those days to become a lifetime period. That would be phenomenal! Btw. Guys do you often feel like that?

best of love. Deva.

p.s. I copied this post from my personal blog but I posted it at the very beginning so I don't think much of you read it.


Valérie said...

I do firmly believe in the power of ladies to achieve what they want in life and rule the world !

I love to feel sexy & confident <3

Cool article Deva !

Deva84 said...

thanks so much!

ladies can do so much with appropriate attitude.

best of love. deva.

Fran said...

I do not want to go to the extreme but I do believe that ladies are AMAZING. They can be so by being themselves, independent, loving, responsible, and all in a natural way, with that attractive "aura".

I think guys can be attractive like this, too. And I do like guys with same traits as described above, i.e. those who enjoy their awesome selves to the fullest.

P.s. Deva, your this post already depict who you are! You rock.


Deva84 said...

thanks girl! I rock! yeah!

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