Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ladies, Say Hello & Say Goodbye: It Is An Assignment!

Hey ladies!

Life is an adventure. We encounter and embrace new things and we wave and say farewell to the old ones. "Hello" and "Goodbye" are probably two most frequently used words in our everyday life. We say "Hello" to new friends, to our brand-new dresses, to our dreamed jobs, to a great plan, to an original idea. Why? Because we lOVE them! But life is not always about good things to be happy about. Like it or not, we also have to say "Goodbye". Sometimes it is really hard to say the word because it can be hurtful and it just feels much easier to keep holding on. But in some cases, it is wise and usually a good idea to let go. It is a daring thing to do, isn't it? Sometimes it feels like telling everybody else you are leaving and you leave without looking back and actually you have no idea what is going to happen next and there is nothing you can do but keep moving on. Perhaps the goodbye is not forever, but you will never know until you say it and really mean it. Saying goodbye to one thing probably means saying hello to the other. It allows room for new things, for transformation, for exploration, and for better understanding of yourself. In some cases, goodbye is really the end, but a good one!

That is why I write this post. Hopefully it inspires you in some way. I intend to make it an "assignment". In this assignment, I would like to know your "Hellos" and "Goodbyes". Say hello to all the exciting challenges you want to face, and say goodbye to all the things you need to let go: bad habits, the passing of your loved ones, ex-boyfriends, or girlfriends, self-destructive feelings and behaviours, jobs, projects, or thoughts, anything.

But please write them as simple lists. Each can be a list of only one item, or a list of 1001 things. It is all up to you! By the way, for the Goodbye List, please take a moment with each one to really say goodbye. This isn't a catalogue of your fears and faults, this is a ceremony to bid them farewell.

I will show you mine first.

My Hello List:
- Hello my new haircut! Thanks to my new hairdresser. I know I still look stupid now, but less stupid than last time. And no matter what, my hair is growing anyway! (This one is for who I AM.)
- Hello Canada! I almost see you smile and wave at me. Almost! (This one, for my FUTURE.)
- Hello all my team members and all my readers! Starting this group blog is probably the best thing I have ever done! I do not want to say "Thank You!" any more. My gratitude is beyond words. (This one, the last but the most important one, is for YOU!!!)

And My Goodbye List:
- Goodbye my ex! You are so... such an a**hole but thanks for letting me know what and who are the most important to me. (This one is for the PAST.)
- Goodbye my bills! Thank God I finally paid you all for this month! (This one is for the PRESENT...)
- Goodbye biting fingers... I guess I have been doing really well for the past few months, and I do hope I will not get into it again! (This one is for the FUTURE.)

Ooookay ladies... I can only think of such shallow things about my "Hellos" and "Goodbyes", and I would love to hear yours! There will be a follow-up post with all your feedbacks and my thoughts by August 8, 2009!

It is just an experimental project of me, let me know what you think about this "assignment" thing. Or perhaps you have your suggested assignments for us all. For all your lists and suggestions, please comment, e-mail me at, or write something in your blog and let me know! I will not use any of your thoughts for anything else. It is a PROMISE.

Best of love,


Deva84 said...

wow that's a good one! you go girl!

but I do wonder what the heck is wrong with your hair??? and the second thing, today I said to myself that I need to stop biting my nails. For sure this my goodbye! I need to think about it and write it down as well...

Al said...

so i read this when i was about to go to sleep last night... just kinda skimmed it and thought yeah ill have a think in the morning... but then i started thinking more and ended up thinking up different things before sleeping... it actually really helped.
The first things that popped into my mind i realised were acutually my problems at the moment and not the trivial things i focus on!

Goodbye Negative Friend
Hello friends that enjoy life.

Fran said...

@ Deva, :o)

Thank you!

Ohhhh about my hair... I got a d*** NOT RIGHT haircut for last time... But it is okay now. I look normal again. :o)))

Weeeeeellll we have similar habit!! And it is not good!!! Stop it! Both of us!

Cool if you would like to write yours! I am looking forward!

Best of love,

Fran said...

@ Al, :o)

"Goodbye Negative Friend.
Hello friends that enjoy life."

It is a really good one! To the point! "Be positive" is what I am trying to convey!


SavvyD said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SavvyD said...

Goodbye to my last bad date.
Goodbye to Lexapro and the problems it caused, hello to the 30 lbs I gained while on Lexapro--hopefully I will be saying goodbye to you, too.
Hello to a special man, goodbye he's moved to Seattle. I'm hoping to say hello again.

Hello to new blog friends. Thanks for stopping by. :)

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