Thursday, July 23, 2009

Listen deep inside

Hello Ladies, say what you say!!! This is my first post; sorry that I didn’t do this since the day I was invited to this blog. I´m really happy about posting here, I actually WANT to post! I´m kind of tired of having to post everyday in my blog, it has become a “have to” instead of a “want to” but oh well, I got myself into that.

I´ve been thinking about what can I write here. This has to be a post I really want to share with you guys! What I love the most about this is the way this idea came to my mind. It was so spontaneous… like a drop of water, just fell into my head. It came from inside, it was actually my inner voice speaking (in case you are wondering… no, I’m not crazy!)

Intuition: according to Wikipedia, this is the "ability to sense or know immediately without reasoning”. It comes like a reflex, a response to a thought, question, or life situation. It is that voice deep inside your head that quietly guides you through life.

Ignoring it is easy but listening to it not. You also have to be objective for making life’s decisions, and intuition is purely “subjective”. But at the same time, it always has an automatic response for anything you think inside your brain. Pay attention, EVERY time that you ask yourself something it ALWAYS gives you an answer. In my case, that voice was right 90% of the time.

I truly believe in it, but I don’t act impulsively based on it. An answer is given, then I analyze it carefully… all pros and cons. When the possibilities are 50/50 I give it the “benefit of the doubt” and then just do what it says.

All this makes me wonder… where does it come from? How come it can be right most of the times!

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Fran said...

Well the gut feelings are sometimes unbelievably accurate!

One thing that bothers me is, as I age, I learn, I think, I analyze, and I tend to do all these things before I "notice" my intuition. Or, it is that I turn away from it and ignore it in many cases. I kind of push it away from me and think less about it than when I was a little kid.

My mind is blank in most cases and my thinking goes from there.

And Ana, I do think people with great intuition or the sixth sense can do creative jobs better than their counterparts.


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