Thursday, July 23, 2009


I am not an avid reader. But I do read when I have the time and the attention to spare. Ok, basically I am a very restless soul. And the last time a book really got me into it was Memoirs Of a Geisha. But I would like to write about this one book that really changed a lot in my life with thorough practice. THE SECRET by Rhonda Bryne. Its been a best seller across the globe since it hit the stands so I am sure you have seen the cover of this book at some point even if you haven't read the book.

The Secret teaches us how to attract all the things that we ever desired. Be it Health, Wealth etc etc..I applied The Secret in my own way a lot of times. Even the fact that I became an Entertainment & Lifestyle journalist in a years time of joining the channel was an exercise of The Secret. In January this year, I had made a list of things that I wanted to achieve professionally in this year. One of the things included becoming a Reporter. Not only I did become a reporter but also I am now on my way to conquer other things that will have a significant impact in my career.

The Secret talks about the Law Of Attraction. Its talks about how all that happens to us is because we conceptualised it to be that way. The Secret is very much on the line of the book The Power of your Subconscious Mind. "What you think is what makes you." Frankly, I'd heard this a zillion times before but never gave it much thought; least of all expected it to work.But honestly after reading The Secret, I started believing it. I don't know how long will this good feeling last, considering that I experience it after reading any self-help book. But something tells me, this will work and that I am not alone in believing that. Although there is no denying that it is a self-help book, but what makes it truly convincing is that there are no jargon's or spiritual guru gyaan. Just simple facts that urge you to change the way you think. Yes, it is that easy. But then I know there are skeptics who would say it is not so easy to control your thoughts. Some thoughts are such that the more you try to let them go, the more they will haunt you.The book doesn't claim it's easy, there is some hard work to do, but if you believe and think that you can earn millions, the truth is you can. All that requires is that you don't let go of that thought and trust it implicitly. Lets all apply a Secret today. Think of one thing that you have been really wanting for a long time or may be something that you want in the short term.

Ok, I am applying a Secret here right now. Lets see if it materialises. And if it does then I have some really cool tales to share.

THE SECRET 1: As a journalist, I have been meaning to do a lot of constructive interviews with celebrities. Here is a list of celebrities that I would like to interview. Off course when you read their names you will not know them since they are from the Bollywood Film industry. But here it is.

AAMIR KHAN, Film Actor:
He is one of the finest Actors in the indian film industry. And I have been his fan forever now. My family is crazy about him. They admire everything he does. I would like to do a sit down interview with him. An exclusive one for my channel at that..

She is one of the most Talented Actresses on the TV. She has given some incredible performances. I would like to have a Up Close and Personal interview with her on her Career, Her failed marriage and life in general..

ANNE HATTHWAY, Hollywood Actor:
She is one of my favourite Hollywood Heroines after Reese Witherspoon and Julia Roberts. I would love to interview her someday. I was completely in awe of her after I watched Devil Wears Prada. She is Super- cool..

KAL PENN, Hollywood Actor:
Now this man is from Indian Descent and was a complete rock star in The Namesake. I would really love to take him around Delhi and interview him while travelling the city. Wow! I am already excited.

ANCHOR A SHOW : I have always wanted to be a News Anchor. I would love to Anchor one special Entertainment show this year.

I have never been abroad. So I would like to attract a foreign travel opportunity for myself this year. Atleast one out of the tree places listed below should happen this year..


Allright then my wish list is here. Actually there is more on the wish list but, For starters lets watch out for this one..

So, Ladies try to practice The Secret . Atleast try once. try with small things. And do let me know the results..



Deva84 said...

I know this book as well as The Power of Subconscious Mind. I love specially the second one. It's amazing what our mind can do for us from the moment we start to believe.

Every single success starts in our heads so it's important to have a clear vision of what we want to achieve!

I have my own list but I think I should write it down and look up it every day!

Ms Cupcake said...

Believe in the power of positive thinking!


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