Saturday, July 18, 2009

Welcome Ana Our New Team Member!

Hi everyone!

I think it is great to see more people join us and share what they think. And a few days ago, I invited Ana (from far away) to join us in our group blog! Ana is also a 20 something blogger, very dedicated to positive writings. I have been reading her blog for some time and I enjoyed it very much. Actually I can even meet some of other team members on the comment board of Ana's blog and that happens quite often! Also Ana is one of our "Featuring You" bloggers, with her great post about comparisons of life.

Welcome Ana from far away!

Feel free to write Ana! No strings attached. You can write about anything you want, at any time, in any way! Your older posts are totally acceptable!


Valérie said...

Yay!! I'm so happy that Ana works with us. I do love her blog. It's a pleasure to read it everyday :) Keep up the good work.

And by the way, are you on Facebook ? We all add each other on Facebook at WTLS :)

Deva84 said...

yeah!!! so nice to see you here girl!!! you fit here perfectly! and of course you have to join us on FB!

have a great day!

Ana from far away! said...

I'm exited!!!! I've never participated in anything like this! It's amazing, can't wait to write my first post =)! Oh, and thanks a lot for the welcoming!

Lion-ess said...

Excited to read more!
Congrats Ana!

pinksundrops said...

I'm so excited to find this blog and so glad you invited Ana! I love her blog and hope this blog is an extension of her positiveness she brings into the online world!! And real world : ) .

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