Sunday, July 19, 2009

Welcome Member No.6: Lisa!! :o)

Yay!! We have got our 6th team member!! A BIG WARM WELCOME to Lisa!!!

Lisa is the first writer featured in our "Featuring You" series. Her blog is one of my favourites, and I think it is a favourite of many of my blogger friends. Lisa is a very talented blogger. Her writings are always interesting and easy to read. I got to know our contributor Val through her site ( Well I want to say it is really amazing that people got connected and know each other by blogging, even though they have never met in real life. Also, Lisa is a great supporter of this group blog and the blog of my own. I really appreciate it Lisa. Thank you!

Anyway, I wonder if Lisa would like to start with a brief introduction of herself? I am really looking forward to her posts!

Oh, Lisa has just launched her website with her own domain:, It is really COOL!!

Again WELCOME Lisa!!

Best of love,


Valérie said...

Yay! Welcome Lisa ! I'm glad you joined us. How is life going in England ? Last time we talked you were considering moving out of your apartment... I hope everything is fine now :)

Lisa said...

Thank you for the welcome Fran!!

Valerie, England is great...trying to make a few impt decisions about work or school future, but things are going wonderful! :D

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