Thursday, July 16, 2009

What Are Your Favourite TV Series?

TV has been considered to be a fast-food-like media for information and entertainment: everything it brings to you are instant and does not contain much food for thoughts.

Yes, and No. Just like newspapers, TV shows can also be misleading. You are probably just watching what people behind the scene want you to see, and think the way they want you to think since you cannot see the whole picture and you were not there when things happened... You are a passive receiver. It is sad. But, there are good TV programmes there. I watched TV, I got moved and motivated by what I have watched...

I think of a topic suggested by Val, a contributor of this group blog, "What the Impact of Your Favourite TV series on Your Life?". I have been thinking, and I finally have some time to comb my thoughts and write them down.

I want to name my favourite TV programmes. They are all unforgettable to me and all influenced my life in some way.

1. Growing Pains. My favourite when I was still a little girl. Jason the father, Maggie the mother, Mike the brother, Carol the sister, and Ben the little pumpkin head. I did not remember much since they had new family members. They already made a perfect family. Time changes, people age, but love may last longer than our lives, and it is exactly what makes a family.
2. Friends. Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler, and Ross. Friendship is rare, that is why people cherish it so much. We want friendship not because it brings us glory, not because it brings us money, but because it brings us trust and loyalty and the great feeling of sharing.
3. Sex and The City. Well I will not comment more... It tells a lot of truth about women!
4. Band of Brothers (the Chinese version). This TV show is not about women at all. In this 30-episode-TV-series, the only female character was there for no more than 5 seconds. I am very much impressed by the tagline, "Do not stop, never give up." Do not stop chasing your dreams, and never give up your friends.
What are your favourite TV series? Why?

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Lisa said...

I have so many different favorite TV shows...all from different times in my life. Fun family shows like Growing Pains, Full House, Step-by-Step, Boy Meets World, etc. always remind me of growing up! Even though I still watch them sometimes!! hahah.

I love Sex & the City, and I still love it even though they are all repeats to me now. I love all of the legal stuff: CSI, Law & Order, The Mentalist, crime shows, etc...simply because I am interested in that sort of stuff. I could go on and on-- I love so many shows, but I don't find myself sitting and watching TV much anymore. Love your list! :)

(also, I wanted to let you know that I have a new blog address, so you may want to change your links on your page...the new one is:

and the post that was featured on here can now be linked up to:

{EEEK, sorry for such a long post!}

Deva84 said...

SATC I've strated to watch after watching movie really...
Friends...of course!
I agree with Lisa all this crime series - CSI, Jordan, Dexter.. love it!
But now I don't have time to watch so I have no idea what's on top right now specially in Europe we get everything a bit later...

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