Thursday, July 16, 2009

What Your Handwriting Tells About You?

Hello everyone!

I was away for a couple of days for my student visa. I went to Beijing/ Peking. It was fun travelling in the super scorching time of the year, and of course during the peak of the travelling season as well. I intended to say something before I left but unfortunately my browser was sick so I was unable to do so. I would like to thank Deva for taking care of the blog when I was away! I enjoyed reading all your posts Deva!! Thank you.

In Chinese there is a saying which goes like "Your handwriting tells who you are." Today I would like to post something about Graphology, the analysis of handwriting. Check it out, have fun, and hopefully get to know yourself better! ;o)

Click HERE to start. :o)

Best of love,

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Deva84 said...

Thank you for such nice words! Wasnt to many those post but I tried to do my best!

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