Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hello from Fran in Canada :o)

Hi everyone!

It has been ages since last time I posted here. Just would like to let you know that I am still alive. :o) I am in Canada now, have not yet settled in but I believe things will be better next week. Thank you for keep posting here. I really cannot wait to read on all your blogs and comment!

Best of love and luck,

I got these pictures from HERE.


Deva84 said...

Girl this post is brilliant! Hope Canada will treat you well! if no I'll kick Canada's ass! be sure of that!


Valerie said...

great post. Welcome to Canada :)

Laura M said...

I love that post! I know so many people that need to read it!

Sabz said...

Hey Fran
Good to have you back..I realy missed your posts..I am sure Canada will surprise you with its brilliant hospitality.. You will certainly have a memorable stay in there..

Much Love


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