Sunday, August 30, 2009

So you think you know Polish???

This is my turn to tell you something more about me. I’m sorry I haven’t done that before but I was on vacations with my parents, just came back and I’m trying to catch up with everything. What I will tell you here are just very random information, with no particular connection, although I tried my best while I was writing it. But it’s just hard to talk about yourself and keep people interested.

First off I love to be in love with my life, I need to feel happy, if no I’m dying from the inside and I will do everything to be happy once again. I can be in love with everything! Music, puppies, sun, dress, shoes, view – whatever! I adore the feeling it gives me! I love to be in love with a guy as well and it’s a bit strange coz now I am but more about that you will read later. I’m very emotional, I can get hurt easily if you know where to hit me. I have thousands of emotions I express but not to everyone! Probably that’s why I write here about love and friendship. In blogging I love to talk with pics, I think they can beautifully fulfill text I write.

I’m 24 years old girl from Poland, currently living in Switzerland. Like most of us I left my country to search for an adventure, new life and new perspectives. I’m not very patriotic so I had no problem to move out, you won’t see me screaming or getting excited when polish team win some kind of competition. If you know me and you think you know polish people you have no idea what you are talking about. I’m not typical polish person at all! I only miss people in Poland, I mean my parents /I have very young parents and they are my true friends/, my family /although not all of them/, my best friends and my DOG! I miss my dog a lot

Like all my friends from LSWS I’m a bit complicated girl. I love people but I need time for myself. I can be very social and very loud but then I need silence to hear my own thoughts. I have quite philosophical nature. I believe in astrology and in power of subconscious but I know that’s nothing if you don’t work on what you what to get every single day. I follow my dreams, sometimes it’s hard but I believe that everything which is easily attainable is not worth having it. We need to work to appreciate what we have.

Like my friend Lisa I’m looking for a job right now. How ironic is that being 20 something and trying to figure out what you want to do with your life, you are set in the middle of world economic crisis. I’m learning French – never ending story! But I love this language, nothing more sexier to express passion and love in this particular language!

I had two break ups last year. I ended first relationship which lasted 2 years and my ex boyfriend was in the middle of searching a ring for me. I’m glad I did that, I wasn’t happy. To “celebrate” or to feel completely free I cut my long hair /about 80 cm/ I don’t regret but I still have a long way to get my hair back! After second break up I’m still in shock, I think now it hurts me even more that it did at the beginning. It’s funny but I feel like this is not the end, it’s like sth is keeping me close to him. I’ve got this feeling.

Talking about feelings and intuition. I can tell you in first couple of minutes if a person is good or not. I can tell you if I get well with someone or not. In 99% I’m right. It’s like sixth sense I have. And I dream a lot! I don’t talk about day dreaming but about normal dreams. What’s more I remember my dreams and what’s even more they have a strong connection to my life. Sometimes it tires me but I got used to them. For most of you I might sound awkward but that's me!

It would be all, if it’s too chaotic I’m sorry. If you want to know be better, read my post here on LSWS, go to my personal blog or just write me

Bisous. Deva.


Ana from far away! said...

You are such a motivational person!!!

Deva84 said...

really??? well thank you!

Americanising Desi said...

you tick my curiosity with

"Talking about feelings and intuition. I can tell you in first couple of minutes if a person is good or not. I can tell you if I get well with someone or not. In 99% I’m right. It’s like sixth sense I have."


Deva84 said...

well gal that's just me! it's like sixth sense I have...

Sasha said...

I never get tired of reading your can sense positive energy through it!!!
Love that you are extremely intuitive.... that is a fabulous sense..even though sometimes you probably don't want to listen to it all the time...!!
Keep moving forward!! You are definitely going places!!!

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