Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Hello Ladies,

First of all, I do really want to apologize for my lack of posts. I have to say I was once again “en quête d’inspiration” (looking for inspiration if you prefer). I found the perfect article theme today though. I was browsing through the last articles written by my favourite bloggers and suddenly get inspired by Deva and Ana. Here are the link to their articles: Deva & Ana

They were both talking about their love for life. How fresh is that? I decided it may be time to talk to you guys about my lovetarian diet. Gabrielle Bernstein, the creator of Her Future whom I am an intern for, taught me about that.

Being a lovetarian means you essentially approach life through a love angle. I try to see the best in everybody. I prefer loving thoughts over fearful delusions. I forget about what is making me suffer to focus on what is making me a happier and a better person. I thank everyday the universe for giving me an amazing sister who is my best friend and for my great friends who believe in me. Everyday I wrote in my “Today I am thankful for” diary. I forgive and forget about the negative stuff that happened in the past. I release myself. I allow myself to be in a state of love. I allow myself to be happy. It makes me feel so much more peaceful.

Watch out, you may have recognized yourself in this description and maybe you’re already a lovetarian but you were not aware of this aspect of you yet.


Deva84 said...

Well I am loveterian!!! I had no idea I can really belong to some group and I do belong! And you know what I love to belong to this group! How proud I sound?
Thank you for sharing with this one and thank you Sweetie for your words Have fun on your holidays!

ambiguous_angel said...

opps..im n0t lovetarian..
But how i wish i am.

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