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Inspired by Friendship by Deva.

Friendship to me resembles relationship in some way. You do not get in, so you will not get hurt, but then you will never feel how wonderful it is either. I am not quite a "social" person and I do not have many friends. As I grow up, "friends" becomes a "heavier", or "more precious" word in my vocabulary and I do not use it often. I have "classmates" at school, I have "neighbours" next door, I have "colleagues" at workplace, and I have "acquaintances" to hang out with. But, unfortunately, or perhaps otherwise, they are not my "friends".

Back to the ages when I took the word "friends" for granted. I once did the homework for a roommate's boyfriend- now I will not call that girl a "friend" though. Some 20 pages' English into Chinese translation. It was a chapter of a textbook about Cross Culture Communication in business scenario. The book was fun, and I did it for her, or him, a boy I did not even know.

As a "Thank You Souvenir", the girl gave me that textbook in return, I really enjoyed reading the book so I said "Thank you."

"No need. We are just 'using and being used' classmates."

I never said "Thank you." to her any more. I rarely talked to her after that. I still have not yet figured out who was using whom and who was being used in the whole thing. Perhaps I enjoyed doing translation about that subject, so I used her boyfriend's homework for fun (or I was indirectly using him, or her, for fun?); or she used me to nail that 20-page-chapter and then I used her to get something in return. That textbook?!

To tell the truth, I did want something from her.

A "Thank You." A sincere one.

Friends are like bras- close to the heart and they are always there to support. (Sorry for the ignorance, GUYS!)

I do not remember how many times I have quoted this one. It is fun, it is so true, and it says it all.

I got to know my close friend Delia at university, and we became good friends since graduation. She is loyal, supportive, and she is always there to listen. She told me to believe in myself and to hold on when I was so frustrated and I wanted to quit. She helped me whenever I needed her help. We both have those dirty little secrets that we both prefer to hold to ourselves and never share. For some topics I reveal more details but in other occasions, she is the one more talkative. But how can that matter? In a friendship, just like in a relationship, you just cannot be that greedy because you think you are the one who "devote" more and want the other one do the same as you think you do... Friends can be close, but to keep the friendship, you also have to keep the distance.

Best of love,


Deva84 said...

My best friend, my "sister" that I know almost whole my life is a bit different than me. She's got husband and stable life... me? still wondering who will be so courages to catch me... we have lots in common /although it wasn't always easy/ we love each other very much.
Now we have a strong and mature friendships/relationship and I love it!

You need to wait to find your own best friend soul. It's worth it!

btw. your "friend" from University was just evil! who normal can say that?

Fran said...

Deva : )

You are right. I guess I will have to wait for a "best" friend. (A best friend besides my parents- I hope I am still "normal" though...)

That girl's remarks were really hurtful.

Thanks a bunch!

Deva84 said...

forgot to tell, this quote is brilliant! so funny but so true anyway.

best of love!

Fran said...

Hahaha... Yeah, I sort of cannot stop quoting it here and there : P

Lisa said...

Lovely post-- full of so many truths! A true friend can be so rare and I definitely do not use the word "friend" loosely either.

Love that quote!

And yes, you definitely have my permission to feature my post. Thank you so much for stopping by! :)

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend too!


Fran said...

Lisa : )

Thank you very much for stopping by and thank you for the permission! I am working on our new post now!


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