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Hey Ladies!

Happy Friday! Long time no "Featuring You". Here is a cute post for today, recommended by Deva. Thank you Deva!

Now girls enjoy reading! Unfortunately I am unable to upload photos. There should be a picture included for this post.


Detachment (
By "Crayola" (

When I was 9 years I got married to who I thought would be my elementary school sweetheart, Sanjeet. He and I got married at recess. He made me a flower ring by tying the stem of the flower to make a circle. We broke up later on because our fake son told me that he was cheating on me with this thick girl named Reginae. Our fake son lied....that was my first break up. Since then there has been

1. Soccer
2. D. Rob
3. Batts
4. Mike
5. Mr. Carter
6. Swales

Five out of six of the aforementioned relationships ended up with me getting my feelings hurt. Thats not okay. And five out of six of them, I actually put forth effort to try to rekindle or make things work out. I still pushed for the idea of a possibility instead of accepting the natural way that things were suppose to happen. For instance, D. Rob, my boyfriend from 10th to 12th grade really did me a favor by breaking up with, he is working at some mortician place with a 2 yr old daughter and baby mama who apparently had sex with one of his friends. I dont talk to him often at all but he doesnt seem to have it all. If I woulda stayed with him, i would be that baby mama-ugh. I would not have been able to access my own power and potential because his bad luck and energy would have rubbed off on my, like it does when sex happends, and I too would have been unsuccessful at age 21. It took for him to transfer school for me to completely detach myself from him. Just like I am beginning to see that I will have to do with each of my other exes. I need to focus soley on self and stop putting forth effort to shit that i know is not going to work out. Im bouta stop fighting for shit that isnt fighting for me.

Sooo Im making a resolution, in light of my new found single, black womanhood, I will date:

No scrubs lol
Men who commit to me as much as I commit to them
Men who wipe their own ass
Men who inspire me, not so much as the other way around
Men who match my fly
Men who dont try to be cool
Men who are cool with out effort
Men who like Malcolm X, etc.
Men who aspire to work in leadership positions
Men who can dance as good as I can
Men who can talk about politics
Men who can cook
Men who insist and help me learn how to cook
Men who have a mind of their own
Men who are gentlemen
Men who wont be threatened by me
Men who recognized that I am a Empress
Men are in the process of getting their shit together
Family men
Men who havent been arrested
Men who can tell me whats wrong with my car
Men who are fun
Men who play fight

The list is long but I dont think that the things that Im asking for are out of reach. I fit into all the aforementioned categories. I mean, really, is it too much to ask for someone who is equally yoked???

thats all i got for now...


Fran said...

I put this post quite delayed. Deva recommended weeks ago actually. It reminds me of 21 Things I Want In A Lover by Alanis Morissette. Every girl has her own list for The One. :o)


Ms Cupcake said...

It's about time recognized your royal status!

Thanks for stopping by! Sorry I'm late in replying.Life gets in the way of my fun!


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